Hair Design

A consultation says it all. It is a part of every visit. With our technical knowledge and your input we can create the perfect fit for you & your lifestyle.

  • Female Haircuts –           Senior Stylist…65,     Master Stylist…88

  • Male Haircuts –                Senior Stylist…45,     Master Stylist…58

  • Teen Female Haircuts –   Senior Stylist…50,     Master Stylist…63

  • Teen Male Haircuts –       Senior Stylist…40,     Master Stylist…48

  • Child Haircuts, M/F –        Senior Stylist…35,     Master Stylist…48

  • Blow Dry –                         Senior Stylist…45,     Master Stylist…45

Hair Coloring

Whether it be New color, Blending of two colors, Gray blending or Gray coverage. Our artists mix and formulate using a kaleidoscope of colors to create unsurpassed color designed to fit just you.

  •  Glaze –                                         Senior Stylist…45,     Master Stylist…50

  • One Process –                             Senior Stylist…65,      Master Stylist…75

  • One Process w/ Glaze –               Senior Stylist…70,     Master Stylist…85

  • Gray Blending For Men               Senior Stylist…50,     Master Stylist…55


Create a sun kissed look with natural streams of color. Hand painted or foiled in, It will add rays of light that sparkle and shine.

  • Full Highlight –                     Senior Stylist…165,           Master Stylist…175

  • 3/4 Highlight –                       Senior Stylist…125,          Master Stylist…135

  • 1/2 Highlight –                        Senior Stylist…105,         Master Stylist…125

  • Face Frame Highlight –         Senior Stylist…90,           Master Stylist…105

  • Mini Lights –                            9 a Foil up to 10 Foils

  • Baliage –                                  Senior Stylist…75, Master Stylist…83


Keratin Treatments

Brazilian Keratin Reconstruction

Soft, shiny and smooth original from Brazil. A demi permanent smoothing treatment. Removes 99% of frizz and lasts 4-6 months. Leave with clean, fresh hair.

You are able to shampoo the very next day!!


Keratin Express – Lasts up to 6 weeks






Call for more information.


We take healthy hair very seriously so we offer the following:

  • Customized Conditioning Mask – 25

  • Intense Clarifying Treatment- 15

When we are not in, an answering service is available to help with all calls and appointments 24/7. We look forward to seeing you soon!